About Us

Welcome to Essential Artwork

First of all, welcome to our newly redeveloped site, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Essential Artwork is a Scottish online art gallery designed primarily to enhance and simplify the experience of buying and selling artwork.

Our experience of some online galleries is that they can be quite frustrating to use in a variety of ways and so here at Essential Artwork, our purpose and remit was to overcome these negative or irritating aspects and to present the artwork on our site in the best possible way to the advantage of artist and purchaser alike.

Throughout the design and creation of the website, we have had high levels of valuable input and guidance from artists. In this newly updated version, we have incorporated many of their suggested features and much more. Artwork here is always displayed in its true proportions, allowing each image to be seen and appreciated in its entirety. Important information relating to each piece of artwork such as its price and size etc. is always immediately available.

Visitors to the site should find our search functionality a simple and efficient way to locate artwork according to their own personally set criteria.

A full range of other features make for simplicity in all website activities and will be added to continuously.

All sales transactions which arise from the site take place directly between the artist and the buyer as we feel there is no need for a third party in the transaction.

If an artist has signed up for PayPal, that can be used as a valid secure payment method but, if not, the buyer can contact the artist via the site to find out how to go about purchasing an item of artwork. This allows each artist to have individual policies on packaging, refunds and other transaction details.

Please enjoy your visit

We hope you enjoy using the site. We would appreciate any feedback about Essential Artwork which will enable us to maintain the high standards we have imposed upon ourselves.