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Showing work in galleries and in art exhibtions has always been the traditional way of selling art and it is still good to make use of those outlets where possible. There is obviously a certain amount of prestige involved in exhibiting in this way which cannot be underestimated and meeting your public at Private Viewings is always exciting and rewarding. However, there are some downsides too. While your artwork is in an exhibition or gallery, its availability is naturally restricted to the town or area in which the gallery is situated unless extensive advertising is used to publicise it further afield. The prices of your items of artwork (which are sometimes restricted in number) have to be pitched higher to compensate for the large commission rates charged when your work sells, and once the cost of framing is deducted, you can find your profit margin somewhat diminished.

With the growth of the internet, however, selling on-line has become the norm for most traders, and prices are able to be kept competitive because there are fewer overheads. Artists are among those who can now benefit from this new world market and on-line galleries and artists' websites have sprung up everywhere with a huge choice of artwork all instantly searchable. Artists are now able to show, and sell, their work from the comfort of their own homes, to an infinite number of people searching for the right piece of artwork from the comfort of theirs.

How are we different from other online galleries? The simple answer is that we have tried very hard to be better! All Galleries, real-life and online, need 4 things for success - Artists, Artwork, a Venue and Buyers. Prior to the development of Essential Artwork, we researched those 4 areas; we consulted with artists, discussed the criteria for selling their artwork, checked out needs of buyers and finally looked at online galleries which are already widely available. When we appraised online galleries, we focused on each of the above 4 things from the following 3 aspects - aesthetics, technology and usability. Throughout, we kept coming up with 'We could do better than that!' and so, with insight and bang-up-to-date technology, we hopefully have succeeded. Have a look at our membership options list and compare the number and quality of features we offer to those of any other website.

Primarily, though, it was designed for artists, to accommodate all their needs and more, and allow them to reap the rewards of selling their own artwork as inexpensively as possible while retaining full control of the process throughout.

Artwork here is always displayed in its true proportions, allowing each image to be seen and appreciated in its entirety. All important details such as price, size, medium etc are always conveniently accessible right next to each item of artwork so that buyers are fully informed. All artwork is shown against a light and simple background just as it would be in an art gallery and in most home situations nowadays.

We have made the administrative function of the site very simple for artists. There are sortable overviews for all Images, Artwork and Galleries so that you can see at a glance if any details are missing. Items of artwork can be easily selected from the Artwork overview for speedy batch editing and to help you, we show you thumbnail images of those you have picked. Thumbnail images are also shown throughout the editing artwork wherever you have to provide descriptions eg of colours used etc. Artists can edit their own artwork from anywhere on the site that shows the 'edit pencil' next to their artwork - even on the main communal artwork page itself.

Traditional landscape artists can have fun using the interactive Artwork Map (courtesy of Google) to place markers which show thumbnail images and details of their artwork at the exact map location of the subject of their work. Visitors to the site can 'tour around' and hopefully see paintings of favourite places, holiday haunts or even of their own area.

We do not charge any commission on sales and our three levels of Membership are set at competitive rates, payable annually, to encourage you to put your artwork on our site. The 'middle man' is therefore cut out of any transaction you make and allows you to have direct contact with your buyers. Buyers will be happy knowing that each artist is benefiting directly from sales and that they aren't paying an over-inflated amount to compensate for artists' commission.

When we started up initially, we offered a free, rather limited level of membership, in order to populate the site quickly. Since carrying out extensive further development, we have now made the decision to have only selective, paid membership to help us aim for a high standard of artwork. Artists selected by the consistent high quality of their artwork, will be invited for a 14 day Free Trial at full Gold level. - no holds barred!

We hope that membership of Essential Artwork will set high standards and encourage active participation which will benefit everyone.

We hope that you find Essential Artwork essential for you.


Artists can:
  • Sell artwork online with a PayPal email address
  • Create artwork in one easy step
  • Add additional images for artwork (Silver and Gold memberships only)
  • Tag your artwork to make them more discoverable when buyers search for similar subjects
  • Specify colours for artwork for buyers searching for a particular colour scheme
  • Define postage bands to add on costs based on the buyer's location and the size of the artwork
  • Participate in Forums which are available to all artists
  • Mark the real-world location of landscape artwork on the Artwork Map
  • Manage your artwork, galleries, comments via an easy to use searchable list interface
  • Have their very own Solo Site, based on the same artwork. Choose whether to appear on the communal site or not (Gold membership only)
  • Integrate their BlogSpot blog into the site and Solo Site
  • Receive free 1 to 1 email support - replies usually within 24 hours
Buyers can:
  • Add favourite artists and artwork and revisit them at any time - no need to log in
  • Automatically keep a history of recently visited artwork as they browse
  • See relative size of artwork with new scale diagram
  • Search quickly and dynamically through all artwork, prints or originals
  • Find landscape artwork of real-world locations on the Artwork Map
  • Find local artists on the Artist Map
  • View in any modern browser due to cross-browser compatibility on all aspects of the site
  • View larger images easily by clicking on the magnify icon
  • Leave feedback on individual items of artwork or in an artist's guestbook
  • Contact artists directly - Essential Artwork just makes it easy to find artists